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After you have gone through your big day and enjoyed some time together on your honeymoon, it’s now time to relax and decide what kind of prints that you would like to have to decorate your home or office. We are happy to offer you a choice of packages to make sharing and remembering your wedding day even more special. All prints that we offer are printed in a professional lab and are hand color corrected to help insure that you get the best possible prints. You also can mix and match images to your choosing with any of the packages we offer. So with out any further delay, here’s our packages……

Silver Wedding Package $200.00

Package includes 10 5×7 and 10 8×10 prints. This package is our most affordable way for you to have some prints to decorate your home of office and keep a reminder of your special day handy.

Gold Wedding Package $375.00

Package Includes 20 5×7, 20 8×10 and two 16×20. This is a really good deal when you look close. You get double the prints of the Silver package plus TWO big beautiful 16×20 prints.

Platinum Wedding Package $550.00

Package includes 20 5×7, 25 8×10 prints and 2 16×20 Giclee canvas wrapped prints.  This is the top package that we offer. It gives you the most 8×10 prints while still offering a good number of 5×7 prints. Then we upped the offer to include canvas prints. The 16 x 24 Giclée Canvas (Wrapped) prints are an archival ink printed directly on fine art canvas which is wrapped around a wooden frame with part of the photo visible on the sides of the frame. This makes a beautiful way to display your wedding portraits.

Parent’s Wedding Package $180.00

Just to help the parents have some wedding photos to share with their friends, this Package includes 8 8×10 and 50 4×6. You can choose multiple images for this package. This is sure to please the parents who will want to have their own photos to share. We hope you enjoy!

Special Custom Package (Price to be Determined)

Just in case you aren’t excited about any of the above packages, we will let you build your own package. Just tell us what size, how many and the finish and we will be glad to give you a price on your custom package.


Paper Types

Glossy is a shiny finish printed on Kodak Royal Paper (up to 12×30) or Kodak Endura Paper.

Lustre offers the vibrant colors of glossy with a fingerprint-resistant matte finish. Printed on Kodak Endura Paper.

Metallic Prints :With a glossy finish and unique metallic appearance, these prints have extra visual interest and depth. They are printed on long-lasting Kodak Professional Endura Metallic paper.

This paper uses a proprietary combination of film laminate layers that produce striking, three-dimensional, lasting images on an ultra-bright background. The effect is sometimes described as “chrome on paper.”

You’ll see extreme sharpness, brightness, and color saturation with an intense black density that increases its appeal. The proprietary laminate layers also increase the durability and tear resistance of the final print, increasing the opportunities for display applications.

Giclée Canvas and Watercolor Prints

Giclée Prints are made with high-quality archival inks on fine art papers using a high-resolution large format inkjet printer. The premium inks produce images with smooth tones and rich colors, making these prints ideal for extraordinary presentations. Available in 2 paper surfaces: Watercolor and Canvas.

Watercolor Giclée Prints are on a heavy, 310g paper with a subtle texture. This acid-free paper is 100% cotton fiber and is finished with a water-based protective spray.

Canvas Giclée

The Giclée process enables us to print directly onto museum-quality canvas material, so prints will not separate over time. There are three different mounting options: Canvas Wrap, Canvas Stretch/Staple, and Canvas Board. Protective spray coating is applied to the surface of each print to help prevent scratches and other damage.

Giclee wrapped canvas

Canvas Wrap prints are a stylish, low-cost alternative to traditional framing wherein the print is wrapped around a stretcher frame so that 1 3/4″ of the photo’s edges are visible on the sides of the frame. Delivered display-ready with hanging hardware attached.

Giclee stretch/staple canvas

Canvas Stretch/Staple mounting is a unique way to display your images like a fine art canvas. The print is stretched to the edge of a 1 3/4″ thick wooden frame, and stapled around the edges, leaving the full image on the front. Suitable for framing.

Giclee canvas board

Canvas Board prints are mounted onto sturdy Gator Foam board, a very rigid foam board and lightweight backing with a white finish.


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